LabelShifter / Plus

Spilker LabelShifter Plus

Comfortable and easy shifting of labels

The LabelShifter / Plus moves the labels in the inline-process from their original position to a new one on the liner. The degree for the offset is freely adjustable. Naturally, the gap from label to label and the production speed remain unchanged. Dispensing problems due to kiss cutting of the liner or bleeding of adhesives are no longer a topic.

Fast and steady removal of counter-rotating waste matrixes

The LabelShifter Plus is also an effective support for faster removal of the waste matrix even of difficult shapes. As the LabelShifter Plus works effectively at all speeds without compromise, the removal of complicated grids is no longer a brake of the production process.

The LabelShifter / Plus can be easily integrated into the existing production process. Electrical connections and adjustments to machine controls are not required.

Grafic LabelShifter

Your advantages:

  • Easy retrofitting into the existing production process
  • Label offset adjustable via hand wheel
  • No electrical connection required
  • No limitation of production speed
  • Deflection rollers can be mounted at different positions
  • LabelShifter Plus: Fast and steady removal of waste matrixes

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