Quality and precision for more than fifty years

Three generations of family Spilker

Confidence and sureness are the foundation of extraordinary solutions. That’s why our partners know: You can trust in our activity, in the product quality as well as in our steadiness concerning delivery. Customers who work with us, do so because customer satisfaction ranks first.

Whether in printing, automotive or the pharma-ceutical industry, Spilker is home to die cutting, printing and embossing, always flexible and innovative.

Quality, competent service and short delivery times constitute the three pillars of our business philosophy. The consequent use of the latest technologies and processing methods has always had priority and renders our company one of the most innovative suppliers in its sector.

Out of a long tradition and more than fifty years of experience Spilker is a family-run concern which third generation already participates in the company affairs in a creative and innovative way. As a globally-active provider with a huge array of products Spilker is appreciated for its experience and competence by its customers.

Get in touch with us - our experts are always there for you! Together we will find the optimal solution for your company.