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Individual solutions for the practical use

As a specialised provider of tools and machines for rotary manufacturing processes, Spilker covers the entire spectrum from the individual flexible die to a wide range of rotary tools and even complex rotary machines with integrated automation technology.

Printing and Labels

Processing and finishing at the highest level

For more than 50 years now Spilker has delivered tools for the printing, label and converting industry. Whether printing cylinders and sleeves for perfect printing results, flexible dies and cutting tools for precise and reliable processing or hot stamping and relief embossing cylinders for perfect packaging design: with tools made by Spilker you will reliably achieve the best results.

Printed products

Industry and Automotive

Considerably higher productivity by the use of rotary cutting processes

The ranges of application for rotary tools and machines in the industry are manifold and offer a decisive advantage in terms of speed compared to other techniques. Very different materials for stamped parts in high-volumes, seals, components for sound insulation, isolation or for the use in mechanical, electrical as well as decorative functions can be handled.


Medical and Pharmaceutical Engineering

Precision tools for the highest standards

The variety of products of medical and pharmaceutical products requires often the treatment of particularly challenging composite materials. Combinations of foils, textures or metal foils combined with adhesives and different cover materials do not only need a very precise cutting geometry but also absolutely exact cutting depths.

Medical products

Packagings and Consumer Products

Rotary Processing for an efficient production

Locks, opening or tear-off tabs, single adhesive components, but also complete packagings can be produced effectively with rotary tools and machines. Also for many disposables and consumer goods important processings steps are realised rotationally and the result are unique products with the aid of cutting, embossing and laminating applications. 

Consumer goods
Personal care

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