Further site for the production of flexible dies

In order to create additional capacity for the very successfully expanding business division „production of flexible dies“, an additional site with its own logistics center is being established.  

On an area of 10,000 m², a new building for the production of flexible dies including administration is being built in Lage / Kachtenhausen, only two kilometers away from the main location of the Spilker GmbH.  

Already during the planning of the new building all requirements for the creation of optimal production conditions were taken into consideration. The individual steps of the flexible die production are combined into production lines and the existing machinery expanded. In the field of electroplating, a state-of-the-art water treatment plant will be installed to meet also the highest environmental standards.

These and other optimizations ensure short production times and an efficient manufacturing process. In Kachtenhausen, about 70 employees will be working after the completion, 12 new jobs will be created.  

The production areas released by the relocation of the flexible die production are urgently needed to satisfy the continuing expansion in the mechanical engineering and rotary tools divisions.