MEP-tool with mechanical ejector pins facilitates minimum punchings

MEP-tools from Spilker

Complex materials require during the cutting process reliably coordinated systems which adapt exactly to the tasks. With the MEP (Mechanical Ejector Pins) the Spilker GmbH from Leopoldshöhe has developed a reliable rotary cutting tool which even allows for punchings of less than 1 millimetre.

Mechanical ejector pins press the material out of the tool. The advantage is that the cutting outlines do no longer get blocked and at the same time the cutting lines are protected.

MEP-tools for maximum process reliability
Mechanical ejector pins press the material out of the tool. The cutting outlines do not get choked and the cutting lines are protected.

During the production of the MEP tool each pin is ground to the exact height and provided with a chamfer so that the material is not damaged during the production process. The system is versatile, for example for labels or special punched parts. Also particularly thick and solid materials can be processed without any problems.

During the application the MEP system presses the material with the aid of the ejector pins out of the tool. This function prevents that the cutting outlines get blocked and provides for utmost process safety. Hence difficult production steps which otherwise are not possible or only with detours, can be realised efficiently and reliably.

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