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Spilker Machine Engineering

If you invest in a new machine you need a partner at your side who understands your specific needs and requirements and can also implement them competently. In order to provide this security, we also bring in our comprehensive experience and the resulting know-how successfully from a single source when mechanical engineering is concerned.

All necessary steps for a machine project are made at Spilker: concept development,
planning, design, production, assembly and automation.

As for the production of our rotary tools we also rely on our versatile and modern machinery for the manufacture of all components for our machine projects. Together with our development department the custom-made machine concepts which we elaborate with you during the project planning can be flexibly designed and efficiently implemented.

However, the possibilities of individualization go beyond concept and design. Increasing demands regarding flexibility and user-friendliness for the machine operation must be satisfied.

Our team of programmers is ready to respond to the needs which are particularly important for your company. If you are interested in the varied production opportunities, with print mark control, cam disc automats or intermittent processing we offer all applications of modern servo technology.

Special machines for very individual requirements Whether a simple friction clutch, a sensitive and intelligent sensor technology or a high-capacity servo motor – we will always fi nd the optimum components and technologies for the safe implementation of your production process.

Benefi t from our experience in developing rotary processing solutions. Please feel free to contact us without any obligation.

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