For durable better printing results

Due to its lightweight construction Aluminium Sleeves are a perfect alternative to conventional plastic sleeves.

Aluminium Sleeves for Offsetprinting and Frexoprinting
Variation of Aluminium Sleeves: Rubber blanket, Aluminium surface and Hard anodized finish

The sleeve technology, which has already been proven and tested for some years, has been developed to a top product by the use of aluminium. Weight, user-friendly assembly and most of all precision are the most important terms concerning our consequent development. Enjoy the fast and easy handling, better sticking of the tape and less waste during the mounting of the plates.

The primal sleeve technology remains unvaried. The additional advantages are obvious: increased reliability and better concentricity by means of a hard and precise surface.

Graphic Aluminium-Sleeve

Your Advantages:

  • Longer lifetime compared to conventional plastic sleeves
  • Perfect concentricity
  • Constant parallelism
  • Increased dimensional accuracy
  • Reduction of weight
  • Optional hard anodized layer for increased protection against wear
  • Less waste during the mounting of the plates
  • Improved sticking of the tape on the aluminium surface

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