Anvil cylinders and support shafts

Anvil cylinders of highest precision and surface quality offer a perfect result in cutting

By request and application Spilker produces through-hardened as well as surface-hardened anvil cylinders and support shafts up to a hardness of 64 HRC.

Counter pressure cylinder and support shaft

Case-hardened (surface layer)

A hardening depth up to 2 mm for cylinders with a high radial compression load

Inductive-hardened (surface layer)

Hardening depth up to 5 mm for high volume cylinders

Vacuum-hardened (through-hardened)

Complete through-hardened cylinder made of premium tool-steel

Counter pressure cylinder production
Cylinders and fits get ground with an absolute precision on our modern CNC-grinding machines.


  • Hard chrome coating for best surface quality (finish) and corrosion protection

  • Plus- or minus cylinders balance differences in the thickness of the support material

Your Advantages:

  • Fine ground surfaces
  • Optimal hardening processes
  • Short delivery times

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