Flat bases

Plane adhesive force - The alternative to steel rule dies

Flat bases can be used in the same way as conventional flat bed tools. The measurements and specifications can be exactly adjusted to your machine’s requirements.

Magnetic flat base with flexible die

The optimal magnetic power is the fundamental requirement for a successful application

The size, quantity and positions of the magnets on the flat base must be designed to reach a maximum adhesive force in order to avoid that the flexible die move during the cutting process. At the same time the adhesion of the counter pressure base is excluded. The magnetic bases are manufactured out of a special and inherently stable aluminium alloy. For special applications we can certainly also use alternative materials such as stainless steel.   

Production of a magnetic flat base
Grafic magnetic flat base
Together with the flexible die (H2) the flat magnetic base reaches the usual cutting height (H1).

Your Advantages:

  • Almost no limits regarding the choice of outlines including filigree designs
  • No “gaps” between the ends of cutting blades as known from flat bed dies
  • Easy removal of the waste grid and accurate outlines

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