Magnetic cylinders

Perfect adhesive force

Thanks to an all-over supervision of al production steps Spilker guarantees the adherence of strict quality standards. The results are magnetic cylinders with the greatest possible dimensional accuracy.

Optional integrable techniques for vacuum and compressed air as well as fit bores for the positioning of flexible dies offer many possibilities, which are exceeding daily standard applications.  

Magnetic cylinder

Large-size magnetic cylinders

The modern machinery enables the production of cylinders up to 750 mm in diameter and 3.000 mm in length.

Thanks to a mark on the cylinder the exact central positioning is easily made

Your Advantages:

  • Fine pole pitch for ideal adhesive force
  • Positioning line and /or scaling for the adjustment of flexible dies
  • For special applications extremely strong adhesive force by the use of neodymium magnets
  • With dynamic and static fine balance
  • Hardened centring for perfect concentricity
  • Repairable
  • We offer a detailed check and evaluation of your magnetic cylinders: 
    Magnetic Cylinder Check 
  • Positioning system with fit drill and dowel pin
  • Short delivery times

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