Predefined cutting pressure at the push of a button

By pushing the button the cutting pressure can be turned on and off pneumatically with 100% accuracy. The lift is individually adjustable: on the one hand the gears stay in the mesh and hold their position, on the other hand it is possible to separate them completely out so that they are freely rotatable.

Thanks to the compact and at once very robust construction the PowerBridge functions without susceptible mechanical lever components and can be used in all cutting stations which are customary in this industry.

The contact pressure is set as usual with work gear spindles and read off by Spilker PowerCheck or a standard display unit.

Level 1: Locked with full cutting pressure – cuts

The cutting pressure can be adjusted in an optimum way with Spilker PowerCheck for perfect cutting results.

Level 2: The gears remain in mesh, material can be moved

For an easy and safe handling during the sorting out of cutting edges, material unevenness or material that got caught.

Level 3: Gears completely separated, the cylinder is freely rotatable

Time-saving for the change of flexible dies. A direct presetting of the register control is possible and provides for less material waste.

PowerBridge Animation

Your Advantages:

  • Pneumatically reproducible cutting pressure
  • Minimisation of tool wear
  • Exact calibration with fine thread spindles
  • Protection of the drive components
  • Easy installation, even with rapid spindle adjustment 

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