Printing Cylinders               Labelmaster

Spilker is a licenced manufacturer and produces the printing cylinders for the new Gallus Labelmaster with the original profiles developed by Gallus. Achieve optimum lasting printing results with the use of original equipment and benefit from the full potential of your printing machine. An important fact for you as an operator: By using printing cylinders of licenced manufacturers all guarantee and warranty claims of your Gallus Labelmaster remain unchanged.

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Lightweight Aluminium Printing Cylinders

Gallus Labelmaster Printing Cylinders by Spilker are available in different diameters between 8“ and 25“. The production on modern CNC-machines guarantees concentricities of up to ± 0,005 mm and thus an excellent printing quality.

The original profiles of company Gallus ensure maximum form stability and a considerable weight reduction

Your advantages 

  • Licenced manufacturer, all guarantee and warranty claims of the printing machine remain unchanged
  • Long life time and light weight by the use of the original profiles
  • Hard anodized coating for a maximum wear protection
  • Optimum concentricity and maximum form stability
  • Easy handling
  • Short delivery times