Rotary cutters

Spilker rotary cutters – the highest standards of precision and durability

Rotary cutters can be produced with almost any cutting height and cutting profile. Thus they are laid out for particularly strong materials such as PVC film and cardboard. The die cutting tools are individually manufactured by modern machines and can be delivered in different quality classifications.

Rotary cutting tool

Execution Classic

The high-quality special tool at a reasonable price. Made of special tempering steel. Especially suitable for medium quantities and for kiss cutting of paper materi

Execution Ultra

Our first-class tool is hardened up to 60 HRC. For kiss cutting and cutting through of large quantities of all paper, foil, cardboard and combined materials.

Execution Ultra-Plus

Our premium tool is made of special steel and hardened up to 62 HRC. For kiss- and through cutting of large quantities for all paper, foil, card board and combined materials especially for highly abrasive materials.


Optionally we can deliver your rotary cutter with the following coatings:

  • Non-stick coating (food safe)

  • Hard coating (e.g. TIN, TiALN)

  • Hard chrome coating

Mechanical sharpening of a rotary cutter
Mechanical Spilker sharpening of rotary cutters guarantee an absolute permanent and reproducible cutting profile in highest quality.
Mechanical sharpening grafic

The optimised cutting geometry is responsible for the clean and invariable results in die cutting.

Your Advantages:

  • Cutting profile is always adapted to the material to be cut
  • Different cutting heights in one tool available
  • All types of perforation including microperforationpossible
  • “Slit over perf“ possible
  • Possibility to re-sharpen the tool
  • Repairable
  • Short delivery times

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