Ultrasonic Anvil Tools

Anvil tools for continous ultrasonic welding

Anvil tools -  individually adapted to the product for use in ultrasonic modules. With the use of modern CNC technology the filigree contours can be precisely finalised. This ensures constant welding quality with optically perfect and stable weld seams.

Ultrasonic Anvil Tools

Benefit from our experience in the manufacture of rotary tools

When producing the anvil tools, we rely on our versatile and modern machinery and bring in all our experience in the manufacture of cutting and embossing tools.

Process ultrasonic welding with anvil roller
The precisely milled anvil rollers serve as counter bearings for the sonotrode and determine the welding outline.
Function ultrasonic welding with sonotrode and anvil roller

Your advantages

  • Made with modern CNC technology
  • Individual designs according to customer specifications possible
  • Short delivery times

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