The fine adjustment for durable perfect cutting results

The Variabase is the height-adjustable counter pressure cylinder for first class cutting results. The compact counter pressure cylinder Variabase allows a reliable height adjustment for the optimization of the cutting depth. With the aid of only one handwheel the required penetration depth can be easily and comfortably regulated. It is not necessary to correct the contact pressure.


Solid construction

In most cutting units the Variabase can be exchanged with the existent counter pressure cylinder. Thanks to the solid construction, consistent cutting impressions are also obtained in case of extremely dynamic exposure (e.g. variation between cuts around and across the web.

A clearly readable scaling facilitates a continuous fine adjustment of up to 0.001 mm. The standard adjustable range is ±0.03 mm whereupon individual adjustable ranges are available on request.  

Variabase high position
High position
Variabase neutral position
Neutral position
Variabase deep position
Deep position
The fine adjustment for durable perfect cutting results
The position of the bearers does not change during the fine adjustment. Therefore it is not necessary to correct the contact pressure.

Your Advantages:

  • Compensation of different thickness of support material
  • No readjustment of contact pressure necessary
  • Longer life-time of your cutting tools
  • Specific adjustment of the cutting impression on the support material
  • Possibility to cut the material from the backside
  • Suitable for magnetic cylinders with flexible dies as well as rotary cutters

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