Customer Service

Exceptional solutions – far beyond the implemented products

When it is about to develop new ideas for customers’ requirements, Spilker certainly also provides advisory support.

  • On-site-service for measuring magnetic cylinders
  • Local analysis and application consultation
  • Development and construction of system components as well as complete systems
  • Test preparations at Spilker
  • Production of 0-series


As an expert in the manufacturing of rotary tools we are of course also familiar with their maintenance. Whether cutting, magnetic and printing cylinders, hot stamping cylinders or other rotary tools – at Spilker you and your tools are in good hands.

Rotary Cutters

  • Laser welding
  • De-coating and coating of tools
  • Mechanical resharpening (also non Spilker tools)

Anvil Cylinders and Support Shafts

  • Smooth grinding

Hot Stamping and Embossing Cylinders

  • Complete revision, and accordingly adjustment in case of material change



Magnetic Cylinders

  • Maintenance of axles or complete axle change
  • Closing of the holes
  • Regrinding

Printing Cylinders

  • Bearing replacement
  • New gears
  • Axle change




Spilker tool revision
Even the revision of maximum tools is a routine procedure for Spilker.