Custom-made Intersectoral Solutions

Spilker delivers „Precision for Passion“

The Spilker GmbH based in Leopoldshöhe (Germany) is a specialised manufacturer of tools and machines for rotary processing. True to the company philosophy „Precision for Passion“ ,the family-operated company has developed and produced for more than 50 years now rotary tools and flexible dies for the printing, label, automotive, pharmaceutical and packaging industry „Made in Germany.

Beside the tool making the company stands out due to its own machine building. From the development to the manufacturing and the assembly the complete production takes place in the own premises. With the variety of tools, machines and services the small crafts business of the engraving master Herbert Spilker became an internationally positioned company with subsidiaries in Italy and Poland.

The spacial connection of all production steps in the production plant offers numerous advantages.

The work in close cooperation with the customer is essential for Spilker. The user is tightly involved during the planning and development process of the tools and machines. The in-house development department matches its ideas with the customer‘ s needs and can quickly react to the demands of the individual user. The result are custom-made special solutions in the tool and machine sector which are geared towards a multiplicity of materials. „With our mechancial engineering we offer special solutions for ambitious challenges and also search for them explicitly. We are technically well prepared in order to carry out also apparently unsolvable tasks“, explains Mark Possekel, Sales Manager tools and engineering at Spilker.

Spilker has own units and machines for material tests

Material tests on factory owned units

The rotary tools and machines are designed for the cutting, finishing and converting of print products and labels as well as a variety of further materials. With approx. 7.000 m² the production of rotary tools, flexible dies and machine components takes the greatest part of the company‘ s space. The modern machinery includes 39 CNC-machines which run in a three-shift-operation. Advanced technology and mechanical precision guarantee the constant quality of the Spilker products. Finalised tools or machines can be tested directly on site. Customers have the possibility to send their own test material so that the staff can recognize early if there are problems and can directly rectify them.

Spilker‘ s expertise is asked for in very different sectors aiming for efficiency and precision. Fields of application are amongst others the pharmaceutical, food, automobile or the logistics sector. One example for the strength of the tools and machines is a current project in the automotive sector. A component supplier had to face the challenge to cut bitumen mats. In modern cars these mats are used for sound insulation between the metal sheets and the interior trim. A particularity is the especially viscous consistency so that the material is difficult to cut. The engineers developed a large-sized production line for the production of these punched parts. A distinctive feature is the big web width of 650 millimetres. The machine was also equipped with a web storage area as well as double main unwinders in order to guarantee an uninterrupted production in a 24-hour-operation.