Scissor Cut

The longitudinal system for highest expectations

The ScissorCut developed by Spilker can be easily integrated in existing machines. The track speed is transmitted either from the existent machine control or via friction wheel to the drive motor.

Scherenschnitt Längsschneidewerkzeug

Comfortable adjustment

At the push of the button the top and bottom knife part pneumatically. So the knives are freely accessible and can be reclaimed or added. The cover plate can be widely swung back, so much free space is generated for setup works.

Knife position is digitally readable

The bottom knives are exactly positioned and fixed via hand wheel. The knife position and accordingly the needed web width is comfortably digitally displayed.

  • Knife Ø 100 mm
  • Smallest distance 14 mm
  • Web width max. 800 mm
  • Optional with own drive

Your advantages

  • Easy knife positioning
  • Compact mounting unit
  • With manual cross adjustment of the whole unit
  • Digital position indicator

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