Effective disposal with compressed air and vacuum technology on the highest level

Sonic is a rotary cutter system developed by Spilker which allows you to produce die cuts with almost any form and position – safely and comfortably.

SONIC Stanzwerkzeuge mit Druckluft- und Vakuumtechnologie


Inside the SONIC P there are air channels which lead the compressed air exactly to the intended position of the cutting line. At the right moment the cuttings are blown out of the cutting line and the web into a suitable extraction funnel. This blow off position is continuously adjustable. 

Depending on the requirement there are different air control systems available – thereby the SONIC F-system is unique in its effectivity.


In addition to the aforementioned blow-off function, the SONIC VP is equipped with vacuum suction technology. This vacuum function guarantees that the cuttings remain in the cutting cylinder during the cutting process and thus can be safely removed from the web.

Afterwards a special valve mechanism developed by Spilker makes sure that a change-over from vacuum to compressed air takes place at a defined cylinder position so that a process-sure cutting is guaranteed.


Optionally we can deliver your SONIC with the following coatings:

  • Non-stick coating (food safe)
  • Hard coating (e.g. TIN, TiALN)
  • Hard chrome coating


  • Extraction funnel
  • Industrial vacuum cleaner
  • Vacuum pump
  • Pressure reducer

The F-system design with its large-volume air reservoir enables an absolutely steady air discharge pressure even at the most filigree discharge holes. This ensures a quiet and material-friendly operation. Moreover the air holes can be positioned anywhere on the entire cylinder circumference.

On the whole cylinder the vent holes can be positioned at any place. 

Your advantages

  • Mechanical Spilker sharpening (see rotary cutters)
  • Accurate blow-off even of smallest cuttings
  • Inside air channels combine compressed air and vacuum technique
  • High-tech tool for complex technical requirements
  • Suitable for labels and special punched parts
  • Possibilty to get the Sonic-function in conjunction with magnetic cylinders

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