S-CON Starline Convertingmaschine

S-CON Starline

Maximum product quality by means of precise machines and precise tools from a single source.

The multifunctional cutting and converting talent

The S-CON Starline is unbeatable in terms of performance and economy: State-of-the-art components and automation technology paired with an enormous variety of combinations allow solutions for the most demanding cutting and finishing processes, even for large web widths.

The stable base frame of the modular S-CON Starline ensures a solid mounting of the individual components and enables web widths of up to 650 mm and beyond. The processing steps can be arranged arbitrarily one after the other, in order to realize even complex processes without unnecessary material deflection.


Mögliche konfigurierbare Prozesse:

  • Production roll-to-roll and roll-to-sheet or single piece
  • Rotary cutting (fully rotary, male/female, semi-rotary)
  • Slitting / Cross cutting
  • Dispensing, coating / laminating, embossing
  • Web inspection, where appropriate with removal of defective parts
  • Delivery belt, vacuum delivery belt, stacking unit
  • Insetter + register control
  • Repeat enlargement, Multilayer
  • Printing of the material web (flexographic or digital printing)

Optional additional equipment:

  • Vacuum pull station for sensitive materials
  • Decurling unit for smoothening the material
  • Aspiration for punching waste
  • Tandem and turret winder
  • Friction shafts

Optional extensions:

  • Antistatic equipment
  • Corona unit, UV-drying
  • Laser cutting
  • Ultrasonic welding


Printed products



Medical products




Consumer goods


Personal care

Technical data

Web width250 - 650 mm*
Speed mech. max.180 m/min
Roll diameter up to1200 mm
Power supply400 V 50/60 Hz /N/PE
Pneumatic supply6 - 8 bar

* other web widths on request


Your advantages

  • Two-sided mounting enables large working widths and tool circumferences
  • Minimum web deflection due to linear arrangement of the components
  • Very short setup times and material savings when setting up thanks to user-friendly equipment and additional features
  • Intuitive interface
  • Movable control panel allows process monitoring with simultaneous process control

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