Hot Stamping Cylinders

Since many years Spilker hot stamping cylinders point the way for high quality hot foil stamping

One important requirement for a neat stamping of foils without burr is a high engraving depth. This requirement is only fulfilled by the application of brass cylinders. So it is possible to realise even the smallest gaps and filigree texts.

Zylinder für Heißfolienprägung

Modern advanced technologies as well as the experience of more than five decades guarantee optimal stamping results. Filigree stamping motives with a maximum of register accuracy are developed in consideration of the particular stamping temperature.

The cylindrically ground, polished and hard chrome plated surfaces increase the durability of the tools and lead to constant results.

Furthermore Spilker offers fast and uncomplicated repair possibilities in case of damage and wear.

Your advantages

  • Surfaces precisely ground and polished
  • Repairable in case of damage or wear
  • Shorter setup time through optional axle system
  • Optional hard chrome coating
  • Short delivery times

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