Flexible Dies

Innovative run of flexible dies for each requirement

Spilker's flexible dies offer maximum performance in die cutting with absolute constant results - no matter if paper, foil or combined material. 

From the practice of our customers, the intensive cooperation with leading material suppliers and more than 50 years of experience Spilker was able to develop flexible dies which fulfill the quality standards of tomorrow even today.

Spilker Flexible Dies


  • Deliverable in 0,3 mm up to 1,0 mm thickness (on request optional up to 1,5 mm)
  • Cutting angle from 50° up to 120°
  • Surface refinement by nickel coating
  • Micro-perforation
  • Optional laser hardening
  • Different cutting heights in one flexible die
  • Optional non-stick coating (food safe and FDA approved)
  • Sizes up to 800 x 1080 mm in one piece

Qualified for

Laser curingNon-stick coating
SpeedCutThe universal flexible die for high-quality die-cutting of all standard application paper / foil--optional
LaserCutThe execution with laser-hardened cutting blades for longevity and for through cuttingpaper / foilin seriesoptional
PHigh-quality die-cutting of heavy paper and cardboard material paper/ cardboardoptionaloptional
FPrecision and highest surface quality are combined with slim blades for the cutting of foilAll foilsoptionaloptional
IInline-die-cutting on sheet-fed-offset-machinePaper/ foil/ cardboardoptionaloptional

Your advantages:

  • High flexibility through high quality flexible dies for universal application when producing paper and foil material
  • Maximum cutting quality by improved cutting geometry
  • “Slit over perf“ possible
  • High durability through surface refinement
  • Easy and quick online ordering through our Spilker ToolBar
  • Short delivery times

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