For durable better printing results

Aluminium printing cylinders for sleeve technology are the perfect alternative to conventional plastic sleeves due to their significantly longer lifetime.

Aluminiumsleeves für den Flexodruck

The sleeve technology, which has been tried and tested for years, becomes a top product by using aluminium instead of plastic. Low weight, ease of assembly and, above all, precision are in the foreground.

The original sleeve technology remains unchanged. The additional advantages are obvious: aluminium sleeves are significantly more durable and offer maximum reliability through increased concentricity and the hard and precise surface.

Your advantages

  • Longer lifetime compared to conventional plastic sleeves
  • Perfect concentricity
  • Constant parallelism
  • Increased dimensional accuracy and dimensional stability
  • Reduction of weight
  • Optional hard anodized layer for increased protection against wear
  • Improved sticking of the tape on the aluminium surface

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